Redacted reports and secrecy

There’s agreement in the council that secrecy regarding certain aspects of alchemist coin and reports from teams/meetings etc will be redacted with the intent of unveiling at a later time in order to mitigate other projects copying IP or gaining an edge.

Obviously this is a challenging issue because insider information will always lead to insider trading, since this a guaranteed outcome, what the measures in place to remedy this?

We’ve seen multiple people on alchemist come/go with accusations of front running trades and using their authority as a veil to avoid scrutiny in order to profit.

In the same vein releasing plans, roadmaps and development successes/failures will not always lead to IP theft and it is hard to determine what the loss could be if any.

I propose that existing teams should not be allowed the ability to have their discussions redacted as they have established products that will required more effort to duplicate whereas new teams will need the protection while incubating in order to mitigate those risk. However there should be a date set in advance when those statements will be redacted, if necessary renewed.

For the record I oppose any secrecy however since the council has decided to conceal aspects of their discussions please consider adopting some aspects of what I discussed thanks.

Insider information will always exist at some level.
Several ideas we had discussed openly in the past were taken up by other projects.
Information/ideas should be released when built/implemented.
We will deter some builders who prefer to play their cards close to their chest until an idea is built and ready.


Thanks for the reply, I guess the community isn’t very concerned nor is core so enjoy yourselves :slight_smile: