Protect Price focus on Investors

Simply put, alchemist should prioritize everything around investors both token holders and LP.

Investors are the life blood of the alchemist ecosystem and their value has been extracted by politics and mismanagement etc, the MIST/ETH pair at near bootstrap levels speaks volumes.

Keep it simple, protect the price. And everyone benefits, holders, teams, core…EVERYONE.

A substantial decrease or pause to inflation. Treasury/Core team allocation from inflation to 0 as reserves are already high and not being utilized. Profitable teams should no longer be paid from inflation as it is was designed to incubate/bootstrap new labs. Teams currently receive a salary, this amount should be valued in USD and this cost deducted from team profits, leave the remainder to split between alchemist investors and the respective team. This is a dynamic adjustment based on the teams operating cost valued in USD and may be renegotiated but some baseline should be set now.

Funds from inflation should strictly go to aludel and incubating potentially profitable tech not DJs, meme contests, artwork, social media, marketing teams,twitter,reddit etc. Community is such an overused word, if you want to excite the community price speaks volume. Investors take on the risk to incubate new labs, some may not be profitable for a long time, some will be more profitable than others. Profit from these teams needs to be weighted towards investors. As a matter of austerity something 80/20 might even be considered for a period for time too. Teams can also be investors, there’s no reason why a team cannot stake or provide LP too. Much rather team members be holders than accused of front running news to pump/dump token.

People persistently have been asking for a staking option, lets get mist into more hands and give them a reason to hold it without the cumbersome costs associated with minting crucibles and create/depositing. For example maybe crucible team manages investment strategies. Take a percentage of team profits or treasury and invest them in other projects/tokens/crv pools.

A crv stable pool as a depository for a profits where the yield can be paid back into aludel lp/stakers while simultaneously assist in stabilization of price. Every quarter the crv stable pool can be harvested to deposit back into the aludel and/or stakers. A MIST-USDC/DAI pool for the aludel program might also be an option to stablize our price.

Alchemist as a project unfortunately (not by design) has simply extracted value out of LP providers, we need to onboard new LP and holders. If our primary focus should be to stabilize the lp pair and/or increase the price/volume. Protecting price then protects investors which creates value for new labs and existing.
Thank you for your consideration.



This is the way. :rocket:
I really like your thoughts on tokenomics and how far you elaborate them. I hope this get‘s picked up and discussed seriously.

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Word. This is the way forward.

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These are really rough ideas, they can be refined into something that would benefit alchemist tremendously unfortunately shifting from the status quo is always difficult

I agree that this is important. However, I believe that there a few quick fixes that could help alleviate the pain being felt by LP and tokenholders alike.

I agree. The liquidity providers of MIST/ETH are the reason this project is able to exist. There is a symbiotic relationship that must exist between the Alchemist devs / team and the LPs for this project to be successful. Currently the LPs have been suffering, while the team has been quite successful with their ability to build revenue generating products. I believe that this success will inevitably catch up to the $mist price action and help uplift LPs.

I agree with a number of your points, but I also differ on the remediation plan for the $mist price.

I think the main problem here is that the price of mist is falling compared to the dollar and to ETH. Mist price action against the dollar is extremely correlated to the price action of ETH and the dollar, which has been falling over the past few months. However, the main reason the price of mist compared to ETH has been falling is due to people selling mist (obviously). Now I think the quickest way to alleviate some of the sell pressure is to move to all operational expenses to be paid for and valued in a stable coin. This will make it such that only investors would be selling the mist token. I currently can’t quantify how much sell pressure would be alleviated by moving to this model, but it most certainly would alleviate some sell pressure.

How do we go about achieving this? Well, I believe that some of the revenues used to buy back mist from the LP pool should be instead used to buy mist from the Alchemist treasury. This would allow the treasury to increase its supply of stable coins, which then could be used to fund operating expenses.

This is an easy way to start removing some of the sell pressure on the mist token.

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