Hong Congo World drop on Room 33

Today had a pretty good sync with Karl around the Hong Congo World drop on Room 33. We’re waiting on a better 32 slot for the raffle on MOCA so we can claim a gallery space that vibes better with what the Alchemist community is about.

In the meantime trying to brainstorm interesting way to perform the drop itself. Have a few ideas brewing:

  • Reveal an NFT a day as we get it on chain and curate it to the gallery as it goes onto a live auction
  • Because his collection is so tied to a narrative mint a separate set of NFTs that have excerpts from the stories that will be incorporate by his artwork, and curate all those NFTs onto the slots of the gallery, pre artwork reveal
  • How can we create a loop between the narrative and the art that vibes off each other, decentralizes itself and attracts new community members. I think the solution has to involve reflexivity, but still thinking through this.
  • For the auctions thinking of doing it through something like Zora and embedding on the Room 33 site. So the art will be discoverable in our gallery, on our site, and on the Zora market place.

These are some of the initial ideas around Room 33’s first exhibit and how to structure it :). Anyone have any other thoughts?