Future of The Proof of Alchemy Show

The Proof of Alchemy Show — Moving Forward

A vision of where we can take this show…

The Proof of Alchemy Show and Desert Island MIST have been two extremely exciting developments in the Alchemist Ecosystem over the past year, in my opinion. Both have been made possible by the joint efforts of the crews of Alchemist Radio, Proof of Alchemy, and all the DJ Alchemists. A special s/o is required for @Renars and @Thorgobud for religiously making sure the show goes on. At this point, the Alchemist Radio and Proof of Alchemy crews (largely consisting of the same contributors) have decided to rename the Alchemist Radio Friday Show to “The Proof of Alchemy Show”. This was a much needed name change that hopefully stick in 2023. Last year, we had this show basically every Friday – quite impressive if you ask me. We have proven that we can maintain a wonderful show that lays host to multiple external guests and a double digit attendance.

The purpose of this post is to lay out a plan for the future.

Moving forward there are a number of changes that we could make to expedite the growth of not only the show, but also the Alchemist community as a whole.

For starters:

  1. We can begin recording our show and publishing it across multiple social media channels. The most important of which being the Alchemist YouTube channel.
  2. We can begin investing real resources into the production of the show. This would mainly be time of the contributors. We spent most of 2022 doing the show ad hoc every Friday. If we begin preparing for these shows days/weeks in advance the quality of each show will increase drastically.
  3. Inviting more external friends of Alchemist or Alchemist’s contributors to be a part of the shows. Some of the best shows in 2022 were when we had lesser know Alchemist community members or members of other communities come on the show.
  4. Adding to the our collective educational repertoire. Cross-pollinating the radio show with educational content specifically focused on core blockchain, emerging technology, or hard skill-sets could act as an additional attraction mechanism for our show.
  5. Music – the importance of the music on the Alchemist Radio and on The Proof of Alchemy Show can not be understated in my opinion. I for one may never have become as active in this community if it was not for me discovering the Alchemist Radio station (and the amazing music playing on it) late one night in 2021. Music is a super power and growth hack – let us try to take more advantage of this.
  6. Focusing on current events in crypto. We could become the best place to get a quick recap on everything that happened in crypto any given week. All we need to do is prepare a small reading list to review before each show.
  7. More community engagement. We need to prioritize getting the community involved in these shows. Having a smashcarts mini-tourney before or after is a great start, however we can expand on our offerings here. The more people we can get to add thoughtful dialog to our shows, the better.

This post was inspired after seeing the editing abilities of @Renars on our first ever recorded Proof of Alchemy show.

This show is the prime example of what a grass-roots, organic, crypto community feels like to be a part of. We are not driven by greed – but by community. After seeing @Renars first take of editing the recorded version of the show, I know that given time and perseverance we can make this show the most communal, comical, and enjoyable experience in crypto.

This is only the beginning. Reply with your thoughts and perspectives.

The Only Plan Is That There Is No Plan



This is a great direction.

Would love to see the Radio and the DJs become the Alchemist community’s onboarding machine. As you also suggested during Council Office hours earlier today, I think would be awesome to start combining our community call presentations with the radio show itself. As well as allow the community to come to the Council and projects with further questions during the Council Office Hours.