Alchemist Coin Dune Dashboard


I have found myself working on an updated version of the Alchemist Coin Dune Analytics Dashboard. In this post, I will be primarily detailing where I would like to take it. Ideally a post/article/thread explaining the metrics and charts comes out in the future.

Where is the dashboard going and why?

Alchemist is a crypto native project and, as such, I believe we should try to highlight all of our on-chain data. This is ultimately in-line with how a project becomes as transparent as possible. In my eyes, we need to work towards two long-term goals regarding transparency:

  1. Have all Alchemist Coin actions be a result of on-chain decisions.
  2. Highlight all possible Alchemist Coin data through on-chain analysis.

Of the above two long-term goals, the lowest hanging fruit for me to contribute to is goal #2. Thus far, my analysis has been quite trivial and mainly acted as a great learning experience for me, as I started December 2022 having never written an SQL query before. Nonetheless, I have made okay progress and added useful additions to the dashboard.

What is on the to-do list?

  1. Translate all OG queries from the original dashboard to the new, faster, and more reliable DuneSQL (Trino SQL).
  2. Add price chart.
  3. Add total MIST supply growth chart.
  4. LP Supply over time chart.
  5. Total Alchemist Revenue over time in $.
  6. Number of LP Holders over time.
  7. LP Staked over time.
  8. Percentage of free-floating MIST staked in CHAD Stakers.
  9. Remove/condense some unnecessary metrics.
  10. Add Alchemist LBP data.
  11. Unique MIST holders over time.
  12. MIST transfers… a lot to dive into here.
  13. …

Obviously I would also like to do a write-up explaining all the metrics but I have quite a ways to go until I get there.

Lemme know your thoughts.

Expect to see this list evolve over time as I work on it and get input from other Alchemist Coin contributoooooooooooooooooors.

ThE OnLy pLAn Is thAt thErE Is nO pLAn.