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Introducing Mist Blogging

Alchemist is a huge community at this point with many parallel efforts and initiatives. Often it’s hard to keep track of all that is happening and all our efforts can feel disjointed without constant updates and meetings, which can become overwhelming to attend and keep track of, especially while many of us work across different timezones and time constraints.

I am proposing we explore an alternative to this way of working, coined Mist Blogging, inspired by meta blogging, which is a nearly real time stream of updates of our thoughts as we work through governance, builder efforts, community building, and other large areas pertaining to Alchemist.

Mist blogging is a type of blogging that involves writing about the act of working through our challenges. It can be used as a tool to help us grow and stay unified by providing a platform for community members to share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas about the community and its goals.

One way metalblogging can help is by providing a centralized place for Alchemist community members to share their perspectives and ideas. This can help foster a sense of unity within the community, as members can see and understand the diverse perspectives and experiences of others. It can also help to build trust and establish a sense of common purpose within the community.

Mistblogging can also be used to document the history and evolution of the community, which can help new Alchemists understand the community’s goals and values and provide a sense of continuity for long-term members.

Additionally, metalblogging can be used to share news and updates about the community and its activities, which can help to keep members informed and engaged. It can also be used to promote the community and attract new Alchemists, helping to grow and strengthen the community.

Overall, mistblogging can be a valuable tool for decentralized communities looking to grow and stay unified by providing a platform for communication, sharing ideas and perspectives, and promoting the community’s goals and activities.

How do Alchemist contributors feel about adopting this style of staying in sync in addition to our bi-weekly community wide syncs? Share your thoughts below. Cons? Pros?

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I think this is a great idea @ri_ri !

I am for adopting this practice, as it would allow Alchemist contributors to be much more agile, efficient, and aware. However, I think we should call this category “Mist Blogs”. I will actively work towards incorporating this new practice into my routine going forward. Great initiative!

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great call. changed the naming

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